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Boomerang Employee - David L.

My custom imageDavid L.
Location: New York, New York, United States
Business Function: Total Consumer Digital Solutions

Where and when did you work for Citi initially?

Hicksville, New York. 

Why did you decide to leave Citi? 

I was looking for something new and I wanted to focus on customer experience which aligned with what I had studied in graduate school and my contacts at Citi helped me land a great role. 

What do you do at Citi now? 

Senior Vice President, US Consumer Digital Governance. I work to make sure that the right control reviews have taken place for anything we put on the website or mobile app. 

What did you learn at Citi that helped you in your life and/or career? 

The people you work with make all the difference in having a satisfying job and Citi is filled with great people. 

What advice would you give to Citi alumni interested in returning? 

The company is very different now then it was ten years ago or even three years ago. Come in with an open mind but know that there are great people who have stayed. 

What's the one thing that makes/made your feel welcome when you walk/walked through the door every day? 

Coworkers who are equally committed to seeing us all succeed. 

If you had to describe your life at Citi in a few words, they would be… 

Challenging work that keeps you alongside people who will help you get it done. 

Tell us about work/like balance at Citi. 

 My team is a huge proponent of keeping vacation time sacred. When I take time off I do not feel pressured to think about work until I return.  

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