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Citi Alumni Network
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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: December 23, 2021

Q. What is the Citi Alumni Network?

The Citi Alumni Network is a community of former Citi employees meant to connect people that helped shape the financial industry over the past 200+ years.

Through the Citi Alumni Network website, members can:

  • Learn about alumni networking events in their area and educational webinars;
  • Access the latest Citi news and research;
  • Enjoy benefits including retailer discounts and access to sport events and cultural institutions;
  • Give back by joining alumni and employees for volunteer opportunities;
  • View job openings from Citi Careers;
  • Read stories about fellow alumni, and share their own;
  • And much more!

Q. Who is eligible to join the Citi Alumni Network?

All former Citi employees who meet program eligibility criteria are welcome to join.

Eligibility criteria:

  • One or more years of employment with Citigroup Inc. or one of its subsidiaries (not necessarily continuous, provided it totals twelve months or more),
  • Worked as full or part time employee (not consultants, contractors, and interns) and
  • Retired or left in good standing (i.e., remain rehire-eligible).

Q. How do I register to join the Citi Alumni Network?

You can sign up by visiting https://alumni.citi.com/ and clicking 'Register Today'.

Q. How long does it take before my registration is approved and I can access the member portal?  

All submitted registrations are reviewed by internal HR reviewers, and approval time varies by location and registration details provided. 

  • If a Citi ID is provided at time of registration, along with accurate information from your time at Citi, the registration review process takes between a few hours and up to two weeks. 
  • If, no Citi ID is provided, or your last year at Citi was more than 7-10 years ago, the process may take a bit longer.

Q. What can I do to help expedite the review process? 

  • Make sure you provide a Citi ID and accurate information on your time at Citi 
  • If no Citi ID is provided, you can email us with additional information (proof of your time at Citi) that will help us verify your eligibility: 
    • Copy of Citi ID card
    • Endorsement from current employee or current registered member
    • Newsletter article (Citi internal newsletter) mention
    • Copy of Citi branded business card, award, or accolade letter

Please note that submission of above information does not guarantee admission into the program.

Q. When I connect my account with LinkedIn, will you ever post content on my behalf?

When joining the Citi Alumni Network, we will suggest you share the news via LinkedIn once you’ve completed your registration. We will not publish content without prior written/electronic consent.

Q. How will I know if I have been approved?

You will receive a "welcome" email when you have been approved.

Q. I have questions about the Citi Alumni Network. Who can I contact?

For inquiries, please contact the Citi Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@citi.com

Q. I don’t remember my Citi ID. Where can I find this information? 

Inquiries about your Citi information, other Citi benefits or customer accounts should be directed to Citi’s Customer Help team at customer.help@citi.com

For other inquiries, you can visit the Citi Alumni Network’s Resources page, where you can find contact information specific to your inquiry and location.